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CAS Certificate For All Citizens Of Curacao For Free

The professors, lecturers, administrative staff, as well as the rector and vice-rectors, the deans of the individual faculties and the academic board of the Global Humanistic University (GHU) have discussed the different ways in which the GHU can help Curacao and its population in these difficult times.

The GHU has prepared a proposal under the motto ‘Let’s start future for Curacao’. Because the GHU cannot offer any medical products or any other essentials, the GHU team has decided to provide free education for the citizens of Curacao, so that interested citizens can use the time they have at home during lockdown wisely.

The employees of the GHU will surrender their financial income in relation to this action and offer all residents of Curacao the opportunity to enroll in a certificate course of the master program of the GHU completely free of charge via the GHU Online Campus. Individuals can complete a course of their choice free of charge and earn a CAS Certificate. This will be the contribution of the GHU to the current crisis, which will use the motto ‘Let’s start future for Curacao’.

‘Let’s start the future now for Curacao’ should also be the motto for other companies that want also make contributions in these difficult times. ‘Let’s start future for Curacao’ should apply to all residents who are now isolated at home, to rethink this time for the renewal of the Curacao community, for later teamwork and cooperation’s, openness and goodwill. In this manner, the GHU team also wants individuals to boost their career opportunities and employers and employees to start new initiatives and create new partnerships.

The GHU and all its employees would like to make a start and call on the population of the wonderful country of Curacao, with its friendly and cheerful inhabitants, to start helping and working together: ‘Let’s start future for Curacao’.

Please send an email to with your name and address under the motto ‘Let’s start future for Curacao’ or enroll for free under:

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