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About the IACBE

Business Partners

Peregrine Global Services

Peregrine Global Services provides educational services, particularly in the areas of assessment and accreditation for higher education institutions. Their primary focus is on business education programs. The organization’s mission is to make a difference in the world by fostering innovation, growing and developing leaders who can solve the world’s complex problems, and improving the quality of higher education. Peregrine strives to be the academic partner of choice in higher education by helping their partners solve accreditation challenges with customized academic solutions to improve the quality of higher education in the USA and throughout the world. They provide a wide variety of solutions which are accessed through an online platform that allows learners to reach their full potential any time and from anywhere. Their modules provide solutions for Academic Leveling, Academic Writing, Assessments to include Soft Skills, Career Readiness, Classroom-Read News Content, Filling Curriculum Gaps, Experiential Learning, Critical Thinking, and Leadership Development.

Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)

AFP is a non-profit organization with a mission to drive the future of finance and treasury, and to develop the leaders of tomorrow through certification, training, and the premier event for treasury and finance.  As the certifying body for financial planning & analysis (FPAC) and treasury (CTP) among working professionals, AFP has developed and administered these certifications for four decades to nearly 40,000 professionals across 70 countries.  They bring their practical, skill-based program to colleges and universities through the University Partners Program. The University Partners Program is available to our Member institutions.  The program is designed to help prepare students for work with the real-world skills to be successful in their finance and business careers.

  • Students can access the online educational preparation platforms used for the certification exams in financial planning & analysis (FPAC) and treasury (CTP) and sit for the exams.
  • Students graduate with an AFP badge that recognizes their knowledge and commitment to FP&A and Treasury.
  • AFP will promote your students and your school to our membership who are looking for talent.



For the past 7 years, CapSource has served as IACBE’s trusted partner for experiential learning. We’ve been working together to provide IACBE member and non-member institutions with a way to challenge their students through a Live Case Competition. This approach allows our shared network of schools to test out our high-impact experiential learning technology while enabling IACBE to incorporate students into the annual conference in a way that helps them develop professionally.  The “Live Case” experiential learning format provides students with the training, exposure, and reference-worthy experience that they need to set themselves apart upon entering the workforce.  Please click the link below or visit the student case competition page of our website to learn more about the spring 2024 competition.