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Journal for Advancing Business Education


The mission of the Journal for Advancing Business Education is to publish best practices and scholarship in business and business-related fields to improve business education and society.

About the Journal

The Journal for Advancing Business Education is a peer-reviewed journal and has the ISSN 2638-8065. The Journal follows the general IACBE theme of “Moving. Forward. Together.” All submissions are subject to a double-blind review process. The Journal is an online journal and accessible on the IACBE Web page. The Journal for Advancing Business Education is an annual publication. To be considered for publication in the next edition of the Journal, please submit your work (guidelines below) through the Scholastica paper submission system. If you have any questions regarding the Journal or manuscript submissions, please contact the managing editor, Dr. Christian Gilde at

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Editorial Team

Managing Editor:

Dr. Christian Gilde, University of Montana Western
Dr. Christian Gilde is an Associate Professor of Business. Dr. Gilde received his Ph.D. from the University of Bath and his M.A. from Boston College. He conducts research in the areas of marketing and education. His research translated (and translates) into numerous journal articles and books on business and higher education. His teaching interests include management, marketing, and leadership.

Associate Editors:

Dr. Janice Fedor
Dr. Laurie Yates, Oregon Institute of Technology

Editorial Board:

Dr. Fredrick Chilson, Lewis-Clark State College
Dr. Janice Fedor
Dr. Christian Gilde, University of Montana Western
Dr. Anubha Singh, Alliance University
Dr. Laurie Yates, Oregon Institute of Technology

Call for Reviewers

The Journal for Advancing Business Education is a peer-reviewed publication which is currently accepting applications for new reviewers. The Journal for Advancing Business Education is a practitioner and scholarly journal that publishes the best work in the field of business education to enhance teaching, achieve student learning outcomes, and meet program goals. We are looking for experienced business educators to serve as reviewers for the Journal. To apply, please send your most recent Curriculum Vitae to

Contact Information

For general inquiries or questions, please contact the managing editor of the Journal for Advancing Business Education, Dr. Christian Gilde through the IACBE at

General Submission Guidelines

Prepare submissions according to the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

General submission guidelines are as follows:

- Author details on the cover page (name, position, institution, address, e-mail)
- An abstract of no more than 100 words
- Maximum 20 pages (shorter papers will be accepted for review)
- Manuscripts have to be written in English
- Manuscript files have to be in Microsoft Word
- Single-spaced
- Font 12 point Times New Roman
- Page size 8.5” x 11” or A4

Manuscripts for review must be submitted through the Scholastica submission platform. The following is the link to Scholastica: Only manuscripts submitted through Scholastica will be considered for review. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal should not be under review at any other journal and should not have been previously published.

Manuscripts, that have been submitted according to the submission guidelines, will be first reviewed by the managing editor and associate editors for their publication potential. Manuscripts that pass this initial review process will be double-blind peer reviewed. Assessment and feedback from the peer reviewers will be used to make a publication decision about the manuscript. Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the copyright for this manuscript will transfer to IACBE.

Call for Papers

Dear IACBE Member,

We would like to draw your attention to the opportunity to submit an article to the Journal for Advancing Business Education for peer review and possible publication. We are now accepting manuscripts for the next issue of the Journal for Advancing Business Education. When you publish in the Journal, you will enjoy:

- A constructive peer review of your work.
- Exposure of your work to a global audience.
- The opportunity to share your expertise with people in your discipline.
- The option for open access publication which provides maximum visibility for your work.
- Free access to the journal content and a discounted registration for the next annual conference (if your manuscript is accepted for publication)

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Please follow the “manuscript submission guidelines” which can be found on the Scholastica publishing Web page or on the IACBE journal Web page.

If you are looking to be involved in other ways with the Journal, we are always looking for peer reviewers for journal submissions.

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