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Become a Member

Your Partner in Business Education

Any academic business unit (department, division, school, college, faculty of business, etc.) whose parent institution grants business degrees at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level may apply for membership in the IACBE. There are many benefits to becoming a member in one of our the three categories:

Educational Member

An educational member of the IACBE is an institution that grants business degrees at the U.S. equivalent associates, bachelors, masters or doctoral level. The institution has a publicly-stated mission appropriate to a college or university.

Candidate for Accreditation

A candidate for accreditation of business programs is an academic business unit that has successfully completed the candidacy review process, and (i) has developed an appropriate outcomes assessment plan, (ii) has met the IACBE’s candidacy requirements relating to its business programs, resources, and operational processes, (iii) has affirmed its commitment to excellence in business education, and (iv) is eligible to undergo an accreditation review of its business programs. While the academic business unit holds candidacy status, accreditation will only apply to the programs included for review by the Board of Commissioners during the accreditation process (not the overall academic business unit).



Member with Accredited Programs

A member with accredited programs has successfully completed the IACBE accreditation review process and the academic business unit that offers the programs has affirmed its commitment to excellence in business education as related to the accredited programs. The accreditation covers the programs specifically granted accreditation and not the overall academic business unit. Member benefits, such as reduced rates to attend workshops or conferences, will be available to employees and students of the institution. (Note: The criteria for accreditation are contained in the IACBE’s Self-Study Manual.)

Other Categories of Membership

Honorary Member: Membership may be granted to individuals with superior professional qualifications who are supportive of the mission and goals of the Assembly. Honorary membership is non-voting.