Educational Membership Process

For the business programs of an academic business unit to become an Educational member of the IACBE, the academic business unit must follow the process summarized below:

1. Does the institution grant business degrees at the associate's, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral levels?
2. Does the institution have a publicly-stated mission appropriate to a college or university?
If the answer is yes to the above questions…
Submit Membership Application and Dues
IACBE Staff Review and Validate the Application
Become an Educational Membership



Educational Membership Requirements

To become an educational member of the IACBE, an academic business unit must:

  1. Submit an application for educational membership.
  2. Pay its membership dues to the IACBE.
  3. Provide evidence that its parent institution grants business degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level.
  4. Provide evidence that its parent institution has a publicly-stated mission appropriate to a college or university. This mission must have been approved by the institution’s governing body (i.e., trustees, regents, directors).
  5. Submit a copy of the most recent catalogs, prospectuses, marketing brochures, or other materials that describe the institution’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs. If this material is online, provide the website address (URL) for and an electronic version of this material (e.g., a non-editable document such as a PDF file).

If two or more institutions have the same parent institution or if an institution provides business programs under different institutional names, separate membership may be required. Contact the IACBE office to discuss the options that are available.

An educational member is not allowed to claim or imply accreditation by the IACBE until accreditation has been granted.

Once an academic business unit has been admitted to educational membership in the IACBE, the institution may provide a link on the academic business unit's home page to their Member Status Page. A link to the page will be sent to the academic business unit along with the letter notifying them of their acceptance for educational membership.



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