Web Path Notification Form

Institutions no longer post the list of accredited programs on their website.  Institutions will post a link to their member status page on the IACBE website and utilize the disclosure wording found on the Member Status Page.

Use the following form to provide the website paths to the institutions required public disclosures. In specifying the paths, DO NOT PROVIDE URL ADDRESSES. Beginning with the institution’s home page, describe the link on each page in the path on which someone would click in order to advance to the next page in the path. For example:
  1. Click on ‘Academics’
  2. Click on ‘School of Business’
  3. Click on ‘IACBE Accreditation’

Note: If there are accredited business programs that are offered by more than one academic business unit (e.g., a School of Business and a School of Continuing and Professional Studies), and consequently the public disclosures are posted on different pages of the institution's website corresponding to each business unit, PLEASE SUBMIT SEPARATE FORMS FOR EACH UNIT.

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