What is program accreditation, and how does it differ from institutional accreditation?

Institutional accreditation involves the examination of an entire institution of higher education and all of its functions.  In the United States, institutional accreditation is carried out by the six regional accrediting bodies and a number of national accrediting bodies that have been recognized by the United States Department of Education.  Institutional accreditation by a recognized accrediting body is required in order for students to have access to federal funds.  Outside of the United States, most countries have government-based institutional accreditation.   Program accreditation, such as that provided by the IACBE, involves a specific and comprehensive evaluation of particular programs offered by a higher education institution.  Programmatic accreditation is available in many different disciplines.  The IACBE provides a process by which institutions of higher education can earn program accreditation for their business programs.
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