International Business Education Consortium

The International Business Education Consortium (IBEC) is a global initiative that provides IACBE member schools, both domestic and abroad, with significant opportunities for creating multifaceted international collaborations.

Whether you are seeking to expand your curricular reach, offer new experiences for your students, create new international opportunities for your faculty, or establish new sources of tuition revenue, we invite you to join the IACBE IBEC – your gateway to building a global campus network.

Global Trends and the IBEC

The global expansion of new technologies, the growth of a mobile society, the global circulation of ideas, and the increasing integration of national economies have served to increase the demand for global higher education, which in turn requires the global flow of students and scholars. As a result, it is expected that the size of student demand for global education will increase from 97 million in 2000 to 263 million by 2025.
In response to these trends and in order to prepare students for an increasingly globalized society, the IACBE established the International Business Education Consortium.

Focus and Scope of the IBEC

The International Business Education Consortium focuses on providing academic business units worldwide with significant opportunities for a variety of international experiences for both students and faculty. The IBEC is open to all IACBE members, both domestic and abroad, who are interested in enhancing the internationalization of their campuses and expanding their global reach. Member schools are encouraged to participate either as suppliers or as consumers of international cooperation opportunities.
Opportunties can include, but are not limited to, study-abroad programs, international faculty exchanges, international partnership agreements, joint degree programs, short-term international study tours, and other types of international cooperation.

Mission of the IBEC

The mission of the IBEC is to promote and enhance international business and management education through the provision of significant international collaboration opportunities. The IBEC is dedicated to the creation of a global network of academic business units worldwide for the purpose of advancing quality in international business and management education and preparing students for an increasingly globalized society.

Consider Joining the IBEC

  • There are a number of reasons for “going global” and for joining the International Business Education Consortium. They include:
  • providing new experiences for your students;
  • improving student recruitment;
  • creating new sources of tuition revenue;
  • enhancing the job placement for your students;
  • forming international partnerships;
  • providing international opportunities for faculty;
  • promoting closer international educational ties;
  • building global leadership skills of student and faculty;
  • enhancing the status of your institution;
  • helping students and faculty to address global issues and challenges;
  • developing or expanding an internationalization strategy;
  • benchmarking with other international business programs;
  • developing and encouraging innovative teaching and learning methodologies;
  • sharing educational materials;
  • conducting joint faculty research;
  • collaborating for curricular and operational integration;
  • assisting with the development of a country-specific strategy.

For More Information

For more information about the International Business Education Consortium, please contact IACBE World Headquarters.

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