What is the B-School Connection?

What is the B-School Connection?

Peregrine Academic Services partnership with Bloomberg Businessweek, the B-School Connection (BSC) Education Resource Center is designed to bridge the gap between business theory and practical application. The Education Resource Center integrates current global news into the classroom and inspires students to engage in critical thinking about events shaping the world today.

Academically appropriate for any course and academic level, the service is a cost-effective solution that addresses several accreditation and key stakeholder needs related to instructional quality, global awareness, student engagement, and lifelong learning.

Key features of the B-School Connection Include:
  • Provides online, easily accessible, low cost weekly news content
  • Offers instructional and integration support
  • Fosters more informed and better engaged students
  • Adds a global and international dynamic to any classroom
  • Develops globally informed, career-ready graduates
  • Enables custom quiz & exam creation based on articles and concepts being taught in class
Supplement any course or program with current, applicable, discipline-specific, and competency-based content.

The B-School Connection addresses programmatic and institutional accreditation requirements related to general skill areas, foundational knowledge, the global context, student engagement, entrepreneurial skills, innovation, lifelong-learning, and workplace application.

Faculty Certification

Faculty members can further their professional development, learn integration techniques, and contribute to their academic community by participating in the B-School Connection Faculty Certification Program.


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