New Dean Focused Roundtable

New Dean Focused Roundtable


Dear Deans,

My name is Dr. Kate Watland, and I am the Dean of College of Business at Indiana Tech. I was energized by meeting several Deans at our annual IACBE Conference in New Orleans in April.  Our conversations about challenges Deans share and innovations we are considering reminded me how valuable these conversations can be. I look forward to having many similar conversations with you and wish I had more opportunities to learn from you and the other Deans.

To that end, Dr. Clem Moorer of Baker College, Dr. David Marker of  Grantham University, and I have proposed that IACBE consider establishing a “Dean’s Roundtable” as a forum for Deans to share best practices, seek advice, discuss insights, or explore ideas together.  The leadership of IACBE has been very supportive and has encouraged us to reach out to the Deans to learn more about their interests and ideas.

If you are interested in sharing your ideas on establishing a Dean’s Roundtable, please contact me via email or phone 260.422.5561 ext 2117 to share your thoughts and interest. We want the Dean’s Roundtable to be of service and value to you.

We look forward to your participation!

Thank you for considering!

Dr. Kathleen Hanold Watland

Dean of the College of Business

(260) 422-5561 x2117

Cunningham Business Center 103

1600 E. Washington Blvd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46803

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