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Special Initiatives

Special Initiatives

The IACBE has implemented several important initiatives that provide significant value-added benefits for our members.

> Special IACBE Initiatives
  • Special InitiativesThe Journal for Excellence in Business Education

    The Journal for Excellence in Business Education (JEBE) publishes high-quality papers focusing on current and emerging developments, topics, and trends that relate to and influence higher business education. Publication in JEBE is available only to IACBE member institutions. More

  • International Business Education Consortium

    The International Business Education Consortium (IBEC) is a global initiative and international network of IACBE schools that provide members of the IACBE, both domestic and abroad, with significant opportunities for creating multifaceted international collaborations. More

  • Annual Student Case-Study Competition

    Open to students from all IACBE-member schools worldwide and scheduled in conjunction with the IACBE Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting each year, the student case-study competition provides students with an opportunity to showcase their ability to analyze a case, to identify and discuss recommendations for action in an ethical and thoughtful manner, and to "think on their feet." More

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