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Interim Reports

Interim Reporting

All IACBE members must report on their continuing compliance with IACBE principles, policies, and procedures.

> Interim Reports – Note Compliance

Interim ReportsNote Compliance

Accredited members of the IACBE who have received notes accompanying their accreditation must report the actions taken to address the issues in the notes on an annual basis (deadline of November 1 each year).

Use the following form to report on your completed and planned actions to address the notes accompanying your accreditation. For each note, first list the principle number (e.g., Principle 1.1, Principle 3.2, Principle 4.1, etc.), and then describe the actions that you have already taken to address the issue(s) in the note followed by any planned actions to address the note.

Space is provided in the form for eight notes. If you have more than eight notes, please submit an additional reporting form.

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