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Interim Reports

Interim Reporting

All IACBE members must report on their continuing compliance with IACBE principles, policies, and procedures.

> Interim Reports – Other Changes

Interim ReportsOther Changes

All members of the IACBE (i.e., all Educational Members, Candidates for Accreditation, and Accredited Members) must report on the following changes within 30 days of the changes:

  • Changes in the Institution’s Name and/or Address
  • Changes in the Institution’s Phone and/or Fax Numbers
  • Changes in the Institution’s Website Address
  • Changes in the Type of Institution (i.e., public, private nonprofit, private for-profit)
  • Changes in the Insitutional Accreditation, Recognition, or Authorization Status of the Institution
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, or Closing of the Institution

Use the form below to report other changes:

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