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Interim Reports

Interim Reporting

All IACBE members must report on their continuing compliance with IACBE principles, policies, and procedures.

> Interim Reports – Assessment Results

Interim ReportsAssessment Results

All accredited members of the IACBE must report their outcomes assessment results (both student learning and operational assessment results) to the IACBE on an alternating-year basis. Note: Operational assessment results need to be reported only if you received first-time accreditation or reaffirmation of accreditation after January 1, 2011.

Members whose most recent accreditation was granted in an even year will report in even years and members whose most recent accreditation was granted in an odd year will report in odd years.

This alternating-year assessment information must be submitted to the IACBE by November 1 of the relevant year.

Note: Members who are in the process of reaffirmation of accreditation do not have to report outcomes assessment results in the self-study year if they have not requested an extension of their accreditation.

Use the form below to report your outcomes assessment results and submit your report as an email attachment to

Report of Outcomes Assessment Results (DOCX)

The following document contains an example of a completed report of outcomes assessment results that can be used as a model to guide accredited members of the IACBE in the preparation of their own assessment results form.

Example of a Completed Report of Outcomes Assessment Results (PDF)

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