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Academic Quality

Defining Academic Quality

The IACBE defines academic quality in terms of educational outcomes rather than academic resource measures.

> Defining Academic Quality

What is Academic Quality?

Academic QualityBefore we can talk about measuring, assessing, and advancing academic quality in business and management education, we have to know what we mean by ‘academic quality.’

One approach to measuring academic quality is to focus on resource measures, i.e., on the ‘inputs’ into the educational process such as faculty qualifications, faculty publications, faculty deployment/teaching loads, student/faculty ratios, financial resources, library resources, facilities and equipment, and other similar inputs. However, the IACBE takes a distinctively different approach to defining
academic quality and to accreditation and quality assurance.

Outcomes-Based Quality Assurance

Academic QualityThe IACBE emphasizes the results of the teaching-learning process and other educational processes, i.e., our emphasis is on outcomes rather than academic inputs. The focus is on the value of various academic resources to the institution’s stakeholders in terms of their ability to generate measurable results or outcomes pertaining to student learning and the effectiveness of the academic business unit. In other words, for the IACBE, the measurement and advancement of academic quality focuses on the ‘outputs’ of the educational process instead of the ‘inputs’ into the process.


The IACBE's Definition of Academic Quality

So, how is ‘academic quality” defined? The IACBE defines academic quality as follows:

Academic Quality: The overall level of performance of the academic business unit in the context of its mission as measured by the extent of accomplishment of the unit’s intended student learning and operational outcomes and its mission and broad-based goals

For more information on the IACBE’s concept of academic quality, see Philosophy of Accreditation.

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