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President’s Council

President’s Council

The IACBE engages in ongoing review of its policies, procedures, and principles in ways that can enhance the effectiveness of its relationships with its academic business unit members, their parent institutions, and the public at large.

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Composition and Purposes

President's CouncilThe President’s Council is composed of the President of the IACBE and past chairs of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners whose schools are current members of the IACBE. The purposes of the council are (i) to review the IACBE’s overall effectiveness in advancing its mission, (ii) to seek ways to add value to the IACBE’s academic business unit members, their parent institutions, the higher education community in general, and the public at large, and (iii) to engage in activities that enhance the IACBE’s ability to support and carry out the organization’s accreditation activities.

Membership of the President’s Council (2016-17)

Council Members

Name Affiliation
Dr. Phyllis Okrepkie Interim President, IACBE
Dr. Vaughn Benson Wayne State College (NE, USA)
Dr. Steve Bovee Roberts Wesleyan College (NY, USA)
Ms. Kerry Calnan Nichols College (MA, USA)
Dr. Patty Castelli Lawrence Technological University (MI, USA)
Dr. Beth Castiglia Berkeley College (NJ, USA)
Dr. Robert Hilton University of the Ozarks (AR, USA)
Ms. Katalin Kovacs Maastricht School of Management (The Netherlands)
Dr. Chip Mason Belhaven University (MS, USA)
Dr. Clara Munson Albertus Magnus College (CT, USA)
Dr. Fred Nerone Hodges University (FL, USA)
Ms. Ann Tuttle Keuka College (NY, USA)

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