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Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment

The demonstration of academic quality is accomplished through a comprehensive program of outcomes assessment.

> Outcomes Assessment and Academic Quality

Outcomes AssessmentQuality Assurance and Outcomes Assessment

The IACBE exists to foster and advance academic quality in business and management education worldwide. For IACBE purposes, ‘academic quality’ is defined to be the overall level of performance of the academic business unit in the context of its mission as measured by the extent of accomplishment of the unit’s intended student learning outcomes, intended operational outcomes, and its mission and broad-based goals. In other words, rather than prescribing standards for academic resources and other inputs, the IACBE takes an outcomes-based approach to quality assurance, i.e., for the IACBE, the measurement and advancement of academic quality focuses on the ‘outputs’ of the educational process instead of the ‘inputs’ into the process. Consequently, the determination of the degree to which desired results and outcomes are being achieved and the demonstration of academic quality are accomplished through a comprehensive program of outcomes assessment.

In order for its business programs to be accredited by the IACBE, the academic business unit must provide evidence of mission accomplishment, student learning, operational effectiveness, and continuous improvement. Therefore, the academic business unit must develop and implement a process of outcomes assessment for evaluating its effectiveness and the extent to which it is achieving its mission, goals, and intended outcomes.This requires the development of a comprehensive outcomes assessment plan for measuring the extent of the academic business unit’s overall performance and the quality of its business programs.

For more information on the IACBE’s concept of academic quality, see Defining Academic Quality and Philosophy of Accreditation.

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