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Outcomes Assessment

The Outcomes Assessment Plan

An outcomes assessment plan establishes the framework for an academic business unit’s quality management system.

> The Outcomes Assessment Plan

Outcomes Assessment PlanAssessment Planning

Excellence in business education and the assurance and advancement of academic quality require the academic business unit to develop and implement a comprehensive plan for assessing educational outcomes. However, the diversity of academic business units and the educational, historical, cultural, legal/regulatory, and organizational environments in which they operate, coupled with other characteristics unique to an academic business unit, suggests that the outcomes assessment process may be developed and implemented in a variety of different ways. Although the IACBE does not prescribe any particular approach to outcomes assessment, the academic business unit, in whatever approach is employed, must develop ways to assess student learning in its business programs and the degree of its operational effectiveness. Furthermore, the outcomes assessment plan must be driven by the mission and goals of the academic business unit and must be linked to the strategic planning processes of both the business unit and the institution.

What is an outcomes assessment plan? Essentially, an outcomes assessment plan describes the academic business unit’s quality management system, i.e., it outlines the methods and processes employed by the business unit for assessing and advancing quality in its business programs, operations, and educational activities:

Outcomes Assessment Plan: A document that outlines, summarizes, and establishes the general framework for the quality assessment and enhancement processes in the academic business unit

In particular, an outcomes assessment plan identifies:

  • the business programs and operational areas to be evaluated;
  • intended outcomes and objectives in each program and operational area;
  • the assessment tools and methods that will be employed to measure the extent of accomplishment of the outcomes and objectives; and
  • the structures and processes that will be used to link assessment with planning and budgeting.

For more information on the IACBE’s quality management system approach to accreditation and quality assurance, see IACBE Accreditation and Quality Management.

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