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Outcomes Assessment

What is Outcomes Assessment?

Outcomes assessment is a systematic process for measuring the overall effectiveness of an institution and its academic business unit.

> What is Outcomes Assessment?

Defining Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes AssessmentOutcomes assessment is a systematic process that is used to measure the effectiveness of an institution, its academic business unit, and the quality of the degree programs offered. The process of outcomes assessment is essential in determining the extent to which the academic business unit is achieving its mission, goals, intended outcomes, and performance objectives. For the purposes of quality assurance and accreditation, the IACBE defines outcomes assessment as follows:

Outcomes Assessment: The systematic collection, analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of information pertaining to student learning and institutional operations in order to inform decision making about the ways in which to improve learning, teaching, and overall institutional effectiveness

Therefore, outcomes assessment is a process that (1) is intended to support institutional decision making, (2) gathers indicators of student learning and operational effectiveness that are useful for academic business unit and institutional action, and (3) involves basing decisions about curriculum, pedagogy, staffing, advising, student support, and other aspects of the educational process upon the best possible data pertaining to student learning and academic business unit operations.

In other words, the process of outcomes assessment provides the framework for an academic business unit’s quality management system. For more information on outcomes assessment as a quality management system, see IACBE Accreditation and Quality Management.

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