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Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values

Mission of the IACBE

In our shared journey with members toward excellence in business education, the IACBE is guided by a clear mission and vision, and by a set of distinctive goals and core values.

> Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values

Mission of the IACBE

DirectionsThe mission of the IACBE is to promote and recognize excellence in business education in institutions of higher education worldwide, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, through specialized accreditation of business programs.

Vision, Goals, and Values

The vision, goals, and core values of the IACBE provide a clear and focused direction for the assembly in the accomplishment of its mission:

Vision of the IACBE

The vision of the IACBE is to be the leader in mission-driven and outcomes-based programmatic accreditation for business and management education and to be the business accrediting body of choice for student-oriented institutions of higher education worldwide.

Broad-Based Goals of the IACBE

CompassThe IACBE pursues a set of broad strategic goals that are instrumental in the accomplishment of its mission and vision. These goals are to:

  • provide a forum for promoting excellence in business education in institutions of higher education throughout the world;
  • develop and promulgate accreditation principles and processes for advancing academic quality and excellence in business education;
  • promote continuous improvement in business programs through outcomes assessment and other quality assurance processes, thereby benefiting our members, higher education, and the public;
  • establish continuing relationships with individuals and groups who are interested in promoting excellence in business education, including business and industry, government agencies, professional associations, and other organizations throughout the world;
  • promote innovation and creativity in teaching and learning through sharing of best practices in business education and assisting in the professional development of business educators;
  • serve as a resource for members and the public regarding issues in business education and accreditation;
  • provide beneficial services to members;
  • assist academic business units in benchmarking through sharing best practices in business education, and providing research and information;
  • facilitate the globalization of business education by promoting awareness, understanding, and cooperation among academic business units worldwide;
  • promote ethical practices in business and business education.

Core Values of the IACBE

  • Collegiality – A culture of collaboration and cooperation in advancing academic quality in business education
  • Developmental Philosophy – An emphasis on continuous improvement and a shared journey toward excellence in business education
  • Responsiveness – An unwavering focus on service to our members
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