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Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

Testimonials from members regarding their associations with the IACBE.

> Testimonials from IACBE Members

University of the Ozarks (USA)

As we prepared our materials for IACBE accreditation and met with the staff members, I was impressed with the organizations's vision and mission. Ozarks' association with the IACBE has made our business programs even better. I am proud that the University of the Ozarks is a member.

Rick D. Niece, Ph.D., Former President
University of the Ozarks
Clarksville, Arkansas, USA

Alliance University (India)

The continuous improvement approach that is at the core of IACBE accreditation is now part of the DNA at our university. This is the principal benefit of accreditation as it helps the institution keep moving to higher levels of performance.

Dr. Anubha Singh, Vice Chancellor
Alliance University
Bangalore, India

La Salle-Ramon Llull University (Spain)

If one of your strategic goals is quality, we would recommend IACBE accreditation as one of the key components in accomplishing your strategic plan.

Jordi Rey, Quality Manager, La Salle – Business Engineering School
Ramon Llull University
Barcelona, Spain

Hodges University (USA)

Today's students and employers demand an education model that develops useful skills and a system that requires students to demonstrate that they can apply the learning in the real world. IACBE accreditation asserts that those needs have been met.

Dr. Terry P. McMahan, President
Hodges University
Naples, Florida, USA

Paris School of Business (France)

As a consequence of IACBE accreditation, we have developed continual improvement processes that have helped us to move forward. We now have a school-wide "culture of change" to improve ourselves.

David Russell, Dean, International MBA Program
Paris School of Business
Paris, France

Jamestown College (USA)

Affiliation with and accreditation by the IACBE have been extremely valuable experiences for our Department of Business, Accounting, and Economics. When we talk with prospective students, we now proudly say that our business programs are accredited by the IACBE. This accreditation is not only an impressive mark of distinction for the department, but also focuses its efforts on continuous improvement. I recommend involvement with the IACBE to my colleagues around the world – it is an organization that builds academic quality for your business programs and your institution.

Dr. Robert S. Badal, President
Jamestown College
Jamestown, North Dakota, USA

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