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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

The IACBE offers consulting services to both members and non-members in various areas relating to business education.

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Consulting services are available to all academic business unit members of the IACBE and to non-members as well. IACBE consultants are available to provide consulting services in the following areas relating to business education:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Review and Evaluation
  • New Program Development
  • Program Marketing and Promotion
  • Online and Distance Education
  • International Program Development
  • Enrollment Management
  • Other Areas Upon Request

Consulting Process

Consulting services can be provided in the following ways:

Consulting Visit

Consulting services can involve a campus visit. Upon receipt of a request for a consulting visit, an IACBE consultant will be matched with the academic business unit. The academic business unit and the consultant will then confer to arrange the details and itinerary of the visit. If available, the academic business unit should send relevant materials to the consultant for review prior to the visit. The consulting visit can involve meetings and consultations with individuals, workshops for groups, or both. After the visit has taken place, the consultant will be available for follow-up questions and/or review of documents.

Off-Site Hourly Consulting

Consulting services that do not involve a campus visit are also available. For this type of consulting, the IACBE consultant will be compensated on an hourly basis for the services provided.


The costs of consulting visits include travel expenses, hotel accommodations, food, and transportation for the consultant, plus a daily fee. For off-site consulting, the consultant will be compensated on an hourly basis for the services provided. For specific information about consulting costs and to arrange for consulting services, please contact IACBE World Headquarters.

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