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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing and policy-making body of the IACBE, and is responsible for the general oversight of the organization’s operations and activities.

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ChessRole of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the general governance and oversight of the affairs of the IACBE and for establishing the policies and procedures essential to accomplishing the mission and goals of the Assembly.

Composition of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of the five officers of the board, an elected board member from each of the Regional Assemblies as defined by the Board of Directors, and two academic business unit members-at-large. The Board of Directors also includes up to seven public members.

Membership of the Board of Directors (2017-18)

Board Officers – Executive Committee

Name Affiliation
Chair: Ms. Ann Tuttle Keuka College (NY, USA)
Vice Chair: Dr. Fredrick Chilson University of Montana Western (MT, USA)
Secretary: Dr. Jorge Cardenas Ashford University (CA, USA)
Treasurer: Dr. David Turi Felician (NJ, USA)
Past Chair: Dr. Clara Munson Albertus Magnus College (CT, USA)

Regional Directors

Regional Assembly/Name Affiliation
Region 1: New England
Dr. Edward French
Franklin Pierce University (NH, USA)
Region 2: Middle States
Dr. Heather Pfleger
Franklin Pierce University (NH, USA)
Region 3: Southern
Dr. Chip Mason
Belhaven University (MS, USA)
Region 4: Great Lakes
Dr. Pamela Imperato
Davenport University (MI, USA)
Region 5: North Central
Ms. Rebecca Murdock
Bellevue University (NE, USA)
Region 6: South Central
Dr. Patsy Parker
Southwestern Oklahoma State University (OK, USA)
Region 7: Northwest
Ms. Hallie Neupert
Oregon Institute of Technology (OR, USA)
Region 8: Western
Dr. Susan Silverstone
National University (CA, USA)
Region 9: Vacant
Region 10: Asian
Dr. Byra Reddy
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (India)
Region 11: Latin American
Dr. Carlos Villatoro
Escuela Superior Internacional (Guatemala)

At-Large Directors

Name Affiliation
Dr. Patricia Cowherd Campbellsville University (KY, USA)
Dr. Carol Williams Stillman College (AL, USA)

Public Members

Name Affiliation
Ms. Dominique Bert IGS International (France)
Dr. Phillip Bussey Phillip Bussey & Associates, Inc. (MD, USA)
Dr. Les Crall Retired (OK, USA)

Ex-Officio Member

Name Affiliation
Dr. Phyllis Okrepkie Interim President, IACBE
Board of Directors-2017

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