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Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is responsible for advancing the accreditation mission of IACBE and for determining the accreditation status of IACBE members.

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Board RoomRole of the Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is the independent accreditation decision-making body of the IACBE, and is responsible for establishing the accreditation criteria, policies, and procedures of the Assembly.

Composition of the Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is elected by the voting membership of the IACBE, and is composed of at least seven commissioners from the accredited members of the IACBE and at least one commissioner representing the general public. The board also appoints a non-voting, ex-officio Secretary of the Board.

Membership of the Board of Commissioners (2017-18)

Board Officers

Name Affiliation
Chair: Dr. Laurie Yates Eastern Oregon University (OR, USA)
Vice Chair: Dr. Patrick Hafford Wentworth Institute of Technology (MA, USA)

Other Commissioners from Accredited Membership

Name Affiliation
Ms. Kerry Calnan Nichols College (MA, USA)
Dr. Lynda Fuller Wilmington University (DE, USA)
Dr. Michelle Reiss Spalding University (KY, USA)
Mr. Mark Hatton Geneva Business School (Switzerland)
Dr. Todd Herseth National American University (SD, USA)
Ms. Katalin Kovacs Maastricht School of Management (The Netherlands)
Dr. Linda Kuechler Daemen College (NY, USA)
Dr. Rhoda Sautner University of Mary (ND, USA)

Public Member

Name Affiliation
Dr. Terry Girdon Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired (PA, USA)

Ex-Officio Member and Secretary of the Board

Name Affiliation
Dr. Phyllis Okrepkie Interim President, IACBE
Board of Commissioners-2016

Accreditation Decisions of the Board of Commissioners

In the interest of public disclosure of information pertaining to accreditation, summaries of the accreditation decisions made by the IACBE Board of Commissioners can be found here.

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