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Benefits of Accreditation

Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation by the IACBE provides a number of valuable benefits for its members worldwide.

> Benefits of Accreditation

Benefits of AccreditationThe Benefits of IACBE Accreditation

There are several significant benefits of IACBE accreditation for institutions of higher education throughout the world. These are:

  • Enhanced Reputation
  • Evidence of Quality
  • Sharing of Best Practices
  • Public Accountability
  • International Partnership Opportunities

Enhanced Reputation

In 1988, only 288 of the approximately 1400 U.S. colleges and universities offering bachelor’s or graduate degrees in business had their programs accredited. Now, more than half of them do. In ten more years, it is anticipated that over 90 percent of these programs will have specialized accreditation. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for an institution’s reputation and standing to have achieved accredited status for its business programs.

Evidence of Quality

Through its accreditation process, the IACBE provides external validation and confirmation of quality in an institution’s business programs, and ensures that its academic business unit exhibits the characteristics of excellence in business education. Both graduates and their employers benefit from this external quality assurance.

Sharing of Best Practices

The IACBE supports and promotes innovation and creativity in teaching and learning through the sharing of best practices in business education. The IACBE sponsors and conducts conferences and workshops throughout the year to assist in the professional development of business faculty and to share best practices in business education.

Public Accountability

The demand for public accountability in higher education is increasing rapidly. Specialized accreditation by the IACBE provides external accountability for the quality of an institution’s business programs.

International Partnership Opportunities

The IACBE provides opportunities to partner and engage in student/faculty exchanges with IACBE member schools around the world.

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