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IACBE Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting-Memphis

2016 IACBE Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting
Memphis • Tennessee • USA

Post-Conference Summary

> 2016 IACBE ACAM • Post-Conference Summary

2016 IACBE Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting a Tremendous Success

IACBE Annual Conference

MemphisThe Board of Directors, the Board of Commissioners, and the staff of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) are pleased to report that our 2016 Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting (ACAM) held in Memphis, Tennessee, USA was a great success! In addition, our 2016 ACAM saw a number of firsts for the Assembly, and provided many wonderful opportunities for thought leadership, professional development, networking with colleagues, and for sharing best practices in business education. Many conference delegates commented that it was the “best conference ever,” and echoed the sentiments of one participant who remarked: “I want to thank you for an excellent conference. The sessions and presentations were extremely informative and of very high quality.” Some of the many other comments received include: “Thank you so very much for a wonderful conference.” “The IACBE conferences are so friendly.” “The IACBE is truly like a ‘family’ and your conferences are very much like a family reunion.” “I had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you next year!”

Peabody Hotel
Peabody Hotel

Conference Hotel
The Peabody Memphis

Conference Hotel

The Peabody Memphis
Memphis • Tennessee • USA

Conference Dates

5-8 April • 2016

Conference Theme

Advancing Quality in Business
and Management Education

Conference Agenda

Conference Program (PDF)

Conference Summary

This year’s Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting featured an outstanding lineup of concurrent sessions, roundtables, speakers, and other activities and events.

Conference Photos

Photos from the 2016 Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting have been posted and are now available for viewing:

Conference Presentations

During the conference, there were a total of 45 break-out sessions dealing with advancing quality in business and management education. The presentations have been posted and are now available for download. (Note: Not all presenters have submitted their presentations for posting.)

Accreditation Recipients

At Thursday evening’s Accreditation Banquet – the highlight of each annual conference – the IACBE recognized its accreditation class of 2015. The class consists of a total of 24 institutions from 4 countries that achieved either first-time accreditation or reaffirmation of accreditation in 2015. Accreditation Class of 2015

Annual Awards of Excellence

At Thursday’s Recognition and Awards Luncheon, the IACBE presented its annual awards of excellence – The John L. Green Award for Excellence in Business Education, the Frank V. Mastrianna Education Leader of the Year Award, and the Excellence in Teaching Award. Recipients of the 2016 Annual Awards of Excellence

Student Case-Study Competition

Business EthicsThe 2016 Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting also featured the fifth annual IACBE Student Case-Study Competition focusing on business ethics. The competition is open to students from all IACBE-member institutions. The competition provides students with an opportunity to showcase their abilities to (i) work as a team, (ii) analyze and present a case, (iii) identify and discuss recommendations for ethical action, and (iv) “think on their feet.”

First-, second-, and third-place teams were selected based on the combined scores from four rounds of presentations over two days of competition. The winning team was awarded a $1,000 scholarship generously sponsored by Bloomberg Businessweek.

The final-round case – entitled “Uber: A Disruptive Innovation with Disturbing Ethical Practices” – was written by Dr. Paul Melendez, Assistant Dean of Executive Education, Founder of the Center for Leadership Ethics, and Professor of Practice in Management and Organizations in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona, and was graciously provided to the IACBE by the university’s Eller Center for Leadership Ethics.

About the Eller Center: The Eller Center for Leadership Ethics brings together top research faculty, established educational outreach programs, and corporate partnerships to effect broad change in ethical leadership across business. Through research, education, and outreach, the Eller Center for Leadership Ethics is committed to improving the ethical culture of organizations.

Winners of the 2016 Student Case-Study Competition

New Board Members

At the General Meeting of the Assembly on Wednesday morning, the IACBE elected new members to its Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners. New Board Members

Special Roundtable Sessions

The following special roundtable sessions were included in this year’s ACAM:

Roundtable on Special Accounting Accreditation

The IACBE and a specially-convened task force have recently been working on the development of a protocol for the special accreditation of accounting programs. The process has entered its final phase with the development of accreditation principles, evaluation criteria, and self-study guidelines for accounting accreditation. This roundtable session provided conference participants with an opportunity to discuss the accreditation manual and the next steps in implementing a pilot program of site visits and accreditation reviews for this important initiative.

Roundtable on Enhancing the IACBE Brand: What Members Can Do

This interactive roundtable session offered participants the opportunity to explore effective ways in which IACBE members can support the enhancement and increased awareness of the IACBE brand. The facilitators of the roundtable together with session participants investigated the ways in which member institutions can support the efforts of IACBE headquarters by considering members’ roles – in their own locales and spheres of influence – in helping to increase awareness of the IACBE. In this session, the facilitators generated many ideas for developing an IACBE brand awareness strategy for members.
Q & A Roundtable with the IACBE’s President, Vice President of Accreditation, and Associate Director
of Quality Assurance
This interactive roundtable session offered participants the opportunity to visit with the IACBE’s President, Vice President of Accreditation, and Associate Director of Quality Assurance and ask questions about accreditation, outcomes assessment, policies, procedures, etc.

Roundtable for New and Prospective Members of the IACBE

The 2016 ACAM also featured a special informational roundtable session for new and prospective members of the IACBE. The roundtable provided new and prospective IACBE members with the opportunity to learn more about the organization and its approach to quality assurance in business education. The roundtable presented an overview of the IACBE and its mission, accreditation philosophy, and scope of accreditation. The session also dealt with the IACBE’s outcomes-based approach to quality assurance, the IACBE’s criteria for accreditation, and the steps in the IACBE’s accreditation process. In addition, the roundtable showcased the IACBE’s distinctive value proposition for the accreditation of business and management programs in colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions worldwide that focus on student learning and success.

Conference Accreditation Workshops

In addition to sessions on the conference theme and other areas relating to excellence in business education, the 2016 ACAM also featured the following accreditation workshops:

Writing Effective Intended Student Learning Outcomes and Designing Evaluation Rubrics for Program-Level
Assessment –
Intended student learning outcomes at the program level are statements that describe the desired learning that students should have acquired and should be able to demonstrate at the end of a program of study. This workshop identified the characteristics of good intended student learning outcomes and provided guidelines for writing clear and effective statements of those outcomes. The workshop then turned to the development of evaluation rubrics for assessing student work and performance in a variety of assignments and tasks. The focus of the workshop was on designing rubrics that can not only be used for assigning a grade or mark to an individual assignment or task, but can also be employed for the purpose of program-level assessment, i.e., for assessing the program-level intended student learning outcomes in a business program.
Developing a Comprehensive Outcomes Assessment Plan –  
Attendance at an assessment workshop is a requirement prior to (i) the submission of an application for candidacy status and (ii) the preparation of a self-study for reaffirmation of accreditation. This workshop focused on how to design a comprehensive outcomes assessment plan that meets IACBE expectations for assessing student learning in your business programs and the operational effectiveness of your academic business unit. The facilitator of the workshop discussed the definition and purposes of outcomes assessment; described the key points to keep in mind when preparing an assessment plan; identified measurement instruments that can be used to assess both intended student learning outcomes and intended operational outcomes; and explained the use of outcomes assessment in measuring and advancing academic quality in your business programs. In addition, the IACBE’s new assessment plan template and a comprehensive example of a completed plan were also presented.
Preparing an Effective Self-Study –  
Attendance at a self-study workshop is a requirement prior to the preparation of a self-study for first-time accreditation. Each of the IACBE’s Accreditation Principles were introduced and the ways in which to document compliance with them in the self-study were explained. In addition, the key points in preparing a complete and accurate self-study document were identified, and common pitfalls to avoid were pointed out. The logistics involved with preparing for an efficient site visit were also covered.
Site-Visit Peer Reviewer Training –  
A successful accreditation review process depends on a careful, thorough, and objective site visit conducted by a team of well-trained peer reviewers. As the IACBE continues to grow both domestically and worldwide, a corps of competent, knowledgeable site-visit evaluators becomes increasingly essential. Workshop participants learned how to evaluate self-studies effectively and how to conduct productive and efficient site visits. At the end of the day, workshop participants completed the requirements necessary to be assigned to a site-visit team.

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